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Henna your hair

Ancient Sunrise®
Body Art Quality
Henna for Hair

Ancient Sunrise® hennas are is laboratory certified pure.  Body art quality henna can be applied over synthetic dyes without damaging your hair.

Ancient Sunrise®

Henna for Hair

FREE NEW Henna Ebook:  new edition of the Henna for Hair book: more information, more 'how to,' new discoveries, more science!


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Our customer service staff will help you with your order, and help you get the best results from our products! 

Ancient Sunrise®
Indigo for Hair

Ancient Sunrise® Indigo is laboratory certified pure!  Use indigo and henna to dye your hair brunette and raven's wing black, without toxic chemicals.
Ancient Sunrise Kits

 Ancient Sunrise®
Henna for Hair Kits

Eighteen different kits:
no guesswork, everything is included. One is perfect for you

Click HERE to
to do Becoming Moonlight®
'White Henna'

Click HERE for "How-to"Videos
and more about 'white henna'

Becoming Moonlight gilding paste

'White Henna'
Becoming Moonlight®
Gilding Paste and Kit

 Waterproof , safe, developed for henna artists: lasts up to 10 days!

Ancient Sunrise®
Cassia Obovata

Ancient Sunrise® Cassia obovata is laboratory certified pure. Cassia will condition hair, make it and healthy, and it has a yellow-gold dye molecule.

hair samples

Ancient Sunrise®

Want to try some samples? We have kit samples and bulk powder samples.  ALWAYS test before you dye!
Becoming Moonlight artist discounts

NEW! Get 25% off
Becoming Moonlight®

Want discounts on your Becoming Moonlight® materials? Register with us as a professional artist and get 25% off your purchases.
Becoming Moonlight gild2ing paste

Becoming Moonlight®
Glitter: Dazzle Your

Use glitter to dazzle your henna and gilding!
No fresh lemon juice?

Ancient Sunrise®

Powdered Fruit Acids

Your henna will stain more effectively if your mix is slightly acidic. Click HERE if you don't have juice on hand.

Henna for Gray hair

Ancient Sunrise®
Kits for GRAY Hair

These kits can completely cover your gray hair, add shine and health, and never fade. 


Becoming Moonlight®
"Serious Terps"  

The Serious terps are formulated to make dark, beautiful henna stains with an enchanting fragrance.

Purity Henna

Becoming Moonlight®
Henna and Kits for Body Art:

Rajasthani Twilight, 
and Rajasthani Monsoon, and Purity: great body art henna in kits and bulk


Ancient Sunrise®

Minerals build up in your hair if you have hard water, and spoil your cassia results.  Rainwash removes mineral buildup from your hair!
Ancient Sunrise® Henna
for Hair Kits: Brunette

These kits can dye your hair through the range of brunette tones from light, warm brunette through the darkest ebony.
Ancient Red

Becoming Moonlight®

Ancient Red Henna Paste

Catherine's best henna mix is made fresh and shipped frozen overnight!
Gilding Pastes

Becoming Moonlight®
Gilding Powder for body art 

Create "White Henna" and a rainbow of glitter and gilding paste colors for your best henna work!


Ancient Sunrise®
Amla:Emblica Officinalis  Powder

Add amla for a darker, cooler brunette with henna and indigo!
Black hair

Ancient Sunrise® Henna
for Hair Kits: Black

Dye your hair perfect "black cat" black with henna and indigo ... no chemicals!

Gold and Silver

MehronGold, Silver, Copper
and Bronze Gilding

Metallic Powder and mixing liquid are easy to brush on, and can be mixed with other media for magical effects!

 Mehron Precious Gem Powders2

Mehron Precious Gem

for "White Henna," "Silver Henna" "Gold Henna," and the rest of the gems in the rainbow.
CMC powder

Ancient Sunrise®
CMC Powder

makes your indigo paste creamy, easier to manage.


Ancient Sunrise® Henna

for Hair Kits: Blonde

These kits will brighten up drab, graying, or damaged blonde hair to a wheat, strawberry blonde, or dark blonde.  These kits can not make a dark hair color light.
Swarovski gems

Becoming Moonlight®

Dazzling gems for your
body, and for your henna
Becoming Moonlight

Transform the body through art!  Here's Inspiration and a guide to materials for people working in body arts.

Ancient Sunrise® for
Beards and Mustaches

Do you want to cover your graying beard and hair without chemicals? 
Does the fine print on chemical hair dye worry you?

Ancient Sunrise® Henna

for Hair Kits: Red

These kits dye pale or graying hair a warm, healthy natural-looking red color, and dyes medium to dark hair a natural auburn color.
The Henna School

Becoming Moonlight®

The Henna School 

The ultimate beginner's henna kit from The Henna Page®, the world's most complete  henna resource.

Faux henna

Temptu Dura instead of

Henna:  Red, Pink,
Purple and More!

Henna isn't perfect for every person and every occasion. When you need something different, try this!


Ancient Sunrise® Herbs
Wow your hair smells nice!

Not everybody loves the smell of hennaed hair: here are herbs to make your hair smell  as good as it looks!
African hair

Ancient Sunrise® Henna

for African Hair Kits

Henna especially chosen for relaxed and natural hair: safe for relaxed hair, strengthens fragile hair.

Platinum Harquus

Black Dura and Platinum Temptu

SAFE black body paint for temporary tattoos: no PPD!  Now with a new formula for more durable, single application, easier to use.
Ancient Blue

Becoming Moonlight®
Ancient Blue®

Recreate Celtic Woading with Ancient Blue!
Shaving Soap

The Ancient Sunrise® Man Bar and Shaving Soap

The Man Bar is a shampoo and body bar. No more pastel plastic clutter! Look SOLID. Feel SOLID.
Henna flower lotion bars

Ancient Sunrise®
Henna Flower Lotion Bars

Henna flowers and pure butters comfort and protect your dry skin

Pros-Aide Original Liquid

Pros Aide Liquid

Use Pros-Aide Original Liquid with a brush to create waterproof, shimmering, long-lasting body art.
Pros-aide Cream

Pros-aide Cream Adhesive

Use Pros-Aide cream adhesive freehand to create waterproof, long lasting gilding!
Shampoo Bars

Ancient Sunrise®
Handcrafted Shampoo

This hand made hair soap makes your hair fat and happy without harsh chemicals.
3 and 5 pronged combs

Spellstone Three and 

Five Pronged Hair Sticks

Designed by Alex Morgan, hand carved for your beautiful long hair.

Transfer paper

Becoming Moonlight®
Pattern Transfer Paper

Need help drawing?  Transfer Paper to the rescue!
Temporary Tattoo paint

Temptu Temporary Tattoo Paint

Safe, durable brush-on temporary tattoo paint ... use your skill and genius to create durable wearable art!

Liquid Shampoo

Ancient Sunrise®
Liquid Shampoo
and conditioner

Natural, chemical-free liquid shampoo for beautifully clean hair.
Hair Sticks

Spellstone Black and
Amber Horn Hair Sticks

Designed by Alex Morgan,  hand carved for your beautiful hair, one and two prongs.

Never got the hang of cutting and rolling perfect cones? We'll do it for you!


Becoming Moonlight®

Stops cracking, slows drying, improves paste texture

Henna Soaps

Ancient Sunrise®

 Henna Soaps

Gently cleansing handcrafted art for skin with real henna, herbs and essential oils
 combs for curls

for Curls; Black and Amber

Designed by Alex Morgan, hand carved for your beautiful curly  hair.



Brushes for body art

Aquarellable pencil

Aquarellable Pencils

Sketch out complex patterns before you start to henna!


Here's a quick review of how to mix your henna for the color you want.
Lock ties

Loc Ties

These are designed for the unique demands of braids, locks, dreads, and sisterlocks: these can bundle and lift your most awesome growth of locks!

  Paradise by Mehron

Paradise Face and
Body Paint by

Fantasy makeup for Real People and Real makeup for Extreme People: safe, easy to use, brilliant results.

 Becoming Moonlight and White Henna Facebook Group

Join Facebook Becoming
Moonlight® Group

See artists' work, ask questions about materials, and technique; get answers!
 Henna and your Health

Why should you use

henna instead of
chemical hair dye?

If you care about your health, read this!
Pale Horn Barrettes

Spellstone Black
and Amber Horn Barrettes

Designed by Alex Morgan, hand carved for your beautiful hair


Mango Butter
and Cocoa Butter

Pure, strong protection.

Body art samples

Samples: Try Stuff!

Becoming Moonlight®
Body Art samples
theapeutic henna

No More Itchies!

Henna (and two other herbs)  cure head lice, dandruff and ringworm!

Black horn combs

Horn Combs,
Dark and Light

Designed by Alex Morgan, hand carved for your beautiful hair.

pattern books

FREE Henna Books

Henna patterns, history, research material and much more, all free downloads.


The incense traditionally used  for the Night of the Henna  and other henna ceremonies.

messy hands

Latex and Nitrile

Keep your hands clean!
Carrot Bags

Carrot bags

Freeze leftover henna and do your roots quickly and easily!  Fill cones and bottles with no mess.


Do you think you know
everything about henna?

Join our contests and win mehandi supplies with your knowledge!
Hena Flower Attar

Henna Flower Attar

Pure attar of henna flowers: the fragrance of paradise!

Ancient Sunrise

Ancient Sunrise®
Henna for Hair  for Salons

25% discounts, training, and support for stylists who want to work without chemicals!

Henna for Veterinarians:

Henna treats ringworm,
fungal infections, and hot spots.
Laboratoy testing

Ancient Sunrise®
Laboratory Certified

Why do we get our henna certified by an independent laboratory?

Our Videos

for Becoming Moonlight® 
body art , henna, and
educational lectures

Zizyphys Spina Christi

Zizyphus Spina Christi

Zizyphus is perfect for bring back shine and health to completely white hair without changing the color.

Find a Salon

Find a stylist who will dye your hair with pure, natural, safe Ancient Sunrise® henna.  
Henna for Therapeutic Use

Henna for Therapeutic Use

If your physician has recommended topical henna as a therapeutic treatment for a diagnosed condition

Body Art Quality

Body Art Quality

What is it and why is it important?

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FB group for relaxed and natural hair

Facebook Group: Henna for Relaxed and Natural Hair

Join the Facebook Group for Relaxed and Natural hair.  Ask questions, get answers!

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If you already know what you want

Black horn amulets

Hand Carved Horn Amulets

with Blessings, Myths,
and Spirits

Amulet Earrings

with Blessings,
Myths, and Spirits
Gauged and Faux-Gauged
Spellstone Tribal Horn Earrings

Horn and Bone Earrings
with Blessings, Myths,
and Spirits
Angel Wings

Wings of Ancient Angels

Horn Earrings
Gauged and Faux-Gauged

The Ghosts at Empire
Many people report
sensing ghosts at Empire.
What will YOU find
at Empire?

Saint's crosses

Ancient Saints

Hand Carved Bone, Black, and Amber Horn

Empire has handcrafted lucky
charms to
watch over you and
bring you luck!
Amber and Oud

Amber, Oud,
and Sandalwood
 Solid Perfumes

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